I believe honest conversations can lead to a better life.


Discussing our internal experience directly allows us to better understand why we do what we do, clear up misconceptions we may have never challenged and make conscious choices about what we want our internal landscape to be.



Business and personal workshops to help you out in the office or at home. Topics can be presented as either a workshop or a presentation, depending on your organization's needs.

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Energy Release Through Decluttering

Together we will tackle a decluttering project of your choice, going from your current state to fully decluttered and organized. Garbage removal, donations and re-sale of items will be your responsibility but all items to be removed will be organized with a plan for where they go.

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Budget Bliss

This is not your parent’s budgeting program! Our goal is to develop a budget that feeds you richly and allows you to release the judgmental voices in your head. Together we will create a budget that supports you to enjoy the experience of spending money again!

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