Why I Sometimes Fire People (Business)

Not firing people is the second biggest reason businesses limp. (The biggest reason is poor leadership at the very top, but we can’t fire our bosses….)

It’s not a death blow like being underfunded, but not addressing poor behavior is a chronic issue in most workplaces and it is the difference between a moderately successful business, department or division and success that far exceeds the standard set by your company or your business sector. Imagine your workplace without the 10% of people who require 90% of your time. Why don’t we fire these people?

This workshop challenges what we think we know about firing and being fired. It gets to the root of the real reasons we don’t let people go and offers a different approach. By re-framing the whole notion of dismissing people, we open up the possibility of a more successful business and more success in everyone’s life – including those we fire! If you struggle when confronted with the need for difficult performance related conversations, this workshop is for you.

A New Approach to Time Management (Business)

If you’ve been in the working world for any length of time you have likely been to one or more workshops on time management. You may have been presented with books chronicling the 5 or 8 or 10 best time management tips that really work or something about how to do more with less. Have any of these strategies actually worked for you?

We know time management is critical, and most of us hold the belief that we are not as good at it as we could be or as others are. It’s time to unpack these beliefs, get real about how time management actually works, and get rid of the time wasting, unrealistic judgements we hear in our heads.

In this workshop we will dig into how we are actually wired as humans, why will power and focus have limited effectiveness and how embracing our scattered focus can actually permit us to get more done.
Whether you are trying to get a better handle on your own time management or motivate those you supervise, this workshop will help you recognize why your current efforts fall short.

The Anatomy of Energy Vampires – How to Neutralize Negativity in the Workplace (Business)


Collaboration vs Competition – Why Collaboration Wins Every Time (Business)


Energy Vampire Workshop - 5 1/2 hours (Personal)


Vanquishing Energy Vampires Presentation - 2 1/2 hours (Personal)

Is your workplace infested with energy vampires? You know, employees who chronically suck the energy from the room with their whining or bullying or gossiping. Most workplaces are, and most people believe it’s just how things are, how society is, how life is.
In this workshop we will examine how energy vampires work, what they are after, how to rid your organization of their energy sucking influence and how to “vampire proof” for the future. For anyone feeling the fatigue of chronic vampires, this workshop is for you!


A little healthy competition is good for a workplace. Keeps everyone on their toes and doing their best, right?  Actually no. The purpose of a workplace is to bring a variety of roles together to coordinate the production or sale of a commodity. Although competition fuels some employees and can add interest to a given task, left unattended it actually sets up a divisive, sub-optimal, fear based culture.

In this workshop we will examine the effects of competition vs collaboration on creativity and production, establish the ground rules that allow collaboration to be employed effectively and clarify the difference between collaboration and “majority rules.”
This workshop is for leaders who want to focus on collaboration as a way to optimize employee contribution and rid their workplace of unintended competition.

Energy Vampire - A person who boosts his or her energy by taking energy from others. 

Dealing with some people can leave us feeling drained.

  • "He's my boss so I'm supposed to listen, but he just sucks the life right out of me!" 
  • "I should be more patient. She's my Mom. But I just feel myself getting cranky with her, every time." 
  • "Nothing I do is ever good enough for him. Why do I bother?"

These folks don't seem to "get it" no matter how we try to approach them. They don't seem to care about how their choices affect us. Still, dealing with them is just part of life and we should be trying harder to reach out. Right? Wrong. When people leave us feeling drained it’s because their energy vampires are in charge of the interaction. Often, our own energy vampires rise to meet them and communication becomes confrontation!  The good news is, there are respectful strategies we can employ to make our energy unavailable to theses vamps and to quiet our own internal energy suckers. Strategies that don't require us to try harder or do more than our share of the work.

Come join us at the Energy Vampire Workshop to learn:

  • What an energy vampire is and how to recognize when one is present
  • How to deal with the energy vampires in your life effectively
  • Where these energy vampires came from and why they persist in our lives

We all have energy vampires within us and around us. This in-depth workshop offers awareness and tools for effectively neutralizing their ability to drain us.

Energy Vampire - A person who boosts his or her energy by taking energy from others. 

  • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to uplift you while others just drain the life out of you?
  • Would you like a new strategy for dealing with people you find difficult?
  • Could you use some insight into why you can be difficult at times?

Come join us for an interactive discussion of the role Energy Vampires play in our lives and how to neutralize them!

The next Vanquishing Energy Vampires Presentation will be Wednesday, June 14th from 6:00-9:30 pm at The Beacon House on Protection Island. Click here to register!